…oo how the strong wave of technological advancement is. It blows us all so much so that 2 year olds are not left out of this all sweeping wave. Everyone seems to be going digital. As important as technological innovation is however, if the people do not know about the taxes to be paid, how to compute them, when they fall due and the likes the technological innovations are bound to amount to naught.

Thus, we elevate Sensitization to a pedestal above that of technological innovation. Why? One might be tempted to ask. The singular reason for this is that humans are often afraid and critical of things they cannot explain or know nothing about. Once it happens to be outside our sphere of knowledge we look for ways to talk it down. We can give our all fighting to bring down a setting we do not understand but perceive is against us.

Whether we care to admit it or not it is what it is.

How many persons living in Nigeria know that the payment of taxes is a civic responsibility? Yet, they are expected to pay this “tax”. Tax in itself is a complicated subject that should be broken down if everyone is to be carried along.

The market woman who earns her living under the sun will fight you with everything she has got when you try to take a portion of it from her. Man by nature is geared towards self preservation and is selfish. He naturally does not want to let go of what he has. I once took part in a tax sensitization walk to Bariga market in Lagos, Nigeria and most of the market women were not forthcoming because they felt we wanted to take what was rightfully theirs, I need not say more.

A famous quote says that taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.

I think it is the right time to have my own quote in:

“When a populace is sensitized; tax administration becomes easy”

Akuegbu Adaeze Victory